The City of Reidsville operates under a Council-Manager form of government. The elected City Council directs the policy for the City while the City Manager oversees the day-to-day operations of City Government. The Manager is responsible for the following City Departments: Administration; Community Development; Finance; Fire; Information Technology; Main Street (Reidsville Downtown Corporation); Marketing (Penn House & Market Square): Parks & Recreation (Lake Hunt, Lake Reidsville, Senior Center, Teen Center); Personnel; Police; Public Works; Each Department Head oversees their departments, including any divisions within, and reports to the City Manager.

Reidsville City offices are located throughout the City. Reidsville City Hall, located at 230 W. Morehead Street, houses Administration, Finance, Community Development, Personnel and Information Technology. The Police Department is located next door at 220 W. Morehead Street.

The main offices of Parks & Recreation are at 200 Franklin Street, which includes the Fitness Center in the basement of the building. Also, located at the back of the building and fronting Washington Avenue is the Reidsville Senior Center. Parks & Rec also oversees Lake Hunt, ____________ and Lake Reidsville, ___________.

The Reidsville Fire Department has three stations. Station No. 1 located at _____ Scales Street houses the department's headquarters. Station No. 2 is at ..... while Station No. 3 is located at .........

The Public Works Department, ....... Vance Street, includes the main offices and garage area. Nearby is the Recycling Center at _____________. Other facilities include the Water Treatment Plant at .... and the Wastewater Treatment Plant at ...., both are operated by United Water.