Youth Baseball

The City of Reidsville offers several divisions of youth baseball, beginning with T-Ball, and ending with Pony League.  Our baseball programs are affiliated with Dixie Youth Baseball ( and Pony League Baseball (



For ages 4 to 6, this League runs from May to June. Games are held at the T-ball fields adjacent to Booster Field on Moss Street. It is a great learning experience for the players, who are taught the fundamentals of the game. Coaches pitch to the players.

                                                                        2017 T-Ball Schedule

Coach Pitch

This baseball league is for ages 7-8. It begins in May and continues into June. Players continue developing the skills that will help them in later leagues.

 2017 Coach Pitch Schedule 

2017 Coach Pitch Statistics TBA

Minor League

The first year of Minor League ball is when players see pitching from their fellow players. For ages 9-10, games begin in April with the regular season wrapping up in late June or early July. Games are played on Booster Field.

2017 Minor League Schedule TBA
 2017 Minor League Stats TBA

Major League (OZONE Division)

Youth aged 11-12 play in the Major League (OZONE Division), which holds games on Lowes Field. Practice and games begin in April with the season ending in late June or early July.

2017 Major League Schedule TBA
 2017 Major League Stats TBA

Pony League-(Not enough players)

The final division of Rec baseball is Pony League for ages 13-14. This league plays at Jaycee Park and runs from May to June.

2017 Pony League Schedule TBA